You know how when you put in a DVD to play on your computer, it takes a few seconds for  the DVD to load and start playing?  In the meantime, the drive makes a swishing noise and your screen is black.  The first time we put in a DVD to play for Joshua, because there was no immediate response after putting in the DVD, he said, “No working.”  We explained to him that the DVD is “loading”, and he needed to be patient and wait a few seconds.

So now the word “loading” gets used in all sorts of interesting ways.

The other day Joshua asked for some milk.  While I was getting out a clean cup to put milk in, he was becoming impatient that I was taking too long.  He kept repeating, “I want some milk! I want some milk!  I want some milk!”  I told him to wait just one minute.  He looked at me and said, “Milk loading.”

Two days ago we were going out, and I asked him to press the elevator call button.  While we were standing there waiting for the elevator to come to our floor, he pointed to the elevator door and said, “Elevator loading.”

Yesterday Joshua asked to use the potty.  I put him on the potty, he was distracted from the task at hand, and kept pointing to everything in the bathroom and babbling.  I said, “Joshua, focus on trying to pee.”  He pointed to his pee-pee and said, “Loading!”


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