Looking back at 2012

As 2012 comes to an end, I can’t help but want to look back at the year and all the things that made the year the way it was.  It was a mix bag kind of year, but ending on a really awesome note of welcoming Savanna into our lives.

In January, we bought the Vancouver aquarium membership.  For the rest of the year, we visited the aquarium a number of times.  It was nice to have the membership so that we can go often, because we tend to only be able to stay just over an hour each time before Joshua gets too exhausted.  This is something that will definitely get renewed next year!   All winter, we went to the aquarium, went snowshoeing, visited the winter farmers market, had playdates, and visited the Maplewood Farm in North Van.  We got pregnant.

the year-6231 snowshoeing-4811

the year-6837 the year-6559playdate-6007the year-6976

Joshua was getting better at walking.  He was outgrowing his sleep sack.  We transitioned him into a toddler bed.  He loved his toddler bed, and had no issues with the transition.  Phew.

In the spring, we took a trip to visit family in Taiwan, and had a little add-on trip to Tokyo.  That was interesting, traveling with a toddler who could walk (read escape).  It was very good to see family members we normally don’t get to see.  We also broke the news to my parents that we were expecting Savanna in November.  I will always remember the excitement in their reaction.

the year-8045 the year-7911 the year-7829

Joshua was becoming very expressive and talkative.  He was starting to string together multiple words.  His first ever two words strung together were “puppy sit”.  Every night I come home from work, he surprises me with more things he has learned during the day.  He was getting much better at walking on uneven surface, and rarely falls anymore.  Cliff still carries him in the hiking backpack sometimes when they go out.  I have given up carrying him; he has become too heavy for me.

the year-6143

In the summer, we pulled out our boat from storage.  It had been in storage since we purchased it last fall.  We spend pretty much all of our summer weekends on our boat, cruising either on the Fraser River or up Indian Arms.  We had friends or family on the boat with us all summer, and pulled up some good size crabs for feasts.  It was a fun summer on the water!  Joshua took to the boat very well.  He just loves it when we bounce on waves.

the year-9363 the year-9123

We went camping at Golden Ears Park.  It was a bit of a brutal trip if you recall my blog post about it.  But I’m glad we went.  I would do it again next year.  Kidding.  Maybe when Savanna is older, I’d try it again.

the year-0835

After dinner every night, we went for walks and played at the park, taking advantage of the longer days.  Joshua spent countless hours in the sandpit at the park.  He was getting really good at climbing up the play structure on his own, and setting himself up to come down the slide without being all twisted up.

the year-6935the year-8291 the year-0200

My belly was growing bigger by the day.  At the end of summer, I can barely buckle up my life jacket.  Summer was slower at work, but that wasn’t necessarily a good thing.  I had a hard time with work this past year.  When we were busy, I was stressed out with the endless hours.  When we weren’t busy, I was stressed out that we had little going on.  It was a feast or famine kind of year.  But the worst part was that I felt a lot of relentless sales pressure–the kind that I don’t do well with.

In the fall, work got really busy.  It was so busy that I felt like I couldn’t breathe.  Most nights I would come home, eat dinner, and pass out on the couch from exhaustion.  I would attempt to read stories to Joshua at bedtime, and actually fall asleep reading.  Every day I counted down the moment I can go on maternity leave and be with my kids.  My heart just longed to be home.

Joshua was starting to speak in complete sentences.  We spent Thanksgiving weekend potty training him.  He now uses the potty like a pro.

Joshua would touch my belly and say “mei mei in there”.  Sometimes he would put a toy on my belly and say “share with mei mei”.

Then on a beautiful day in November, Cliff and I went to the hospital for the scheduled c-section, and welcomed our baby girl to the world.  It was one of the best days of my life.  I was in awe of her the moment I saw her.

Joshua loves Savanna.  If she’s in the swing, he’ll pull up his little chair and sit next to her.  If she’s crying, he’ll hug her and kiss her.  Just the other day, she was wailing and he climbed up next to her and said, “Oh, what’s wrong, mei mei?” with such concern in his voice.  We are blessed behind measure.

the year-2797 the year-2140

The year is ending on a great note with Savanna’s arrival.  We are very tired, stretched a little thin, but very content with life.  Christmas was more fun this year with Joshua being old enough to open his presents and enjoy the festivities.  We baked cookies together for Santa, and spent the day with family.


We’re going to welcome the new year by spending a few days in Whistler with just the four of us.  We’re looking forward to doing some snowshoeing and tobogganing in Whistler, and just being with each other.

Happy New Year, everyone.  All the best wishes to you and your family in 2013.


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