Ok, Christmas does not actually stink

After waking up to poop everywhere and pee on the carpet, the rest of Christmas Day was actually a fun day.  At this age, Joshua does not yet understand where the presents come from or the quantity of presents he received.  He was quite happy after opening his first present.  I handed him another, and he was quite happy after that one.  I handed him another one, then he started losing his mind.  I think he’s wondering when this is going to stop.  At the end of opening presents, he was so wired he barely knew what to do with himself.  He was buried under a pile of all sorts of construction vehicle toys.

Savanna mostly sat quietly in the bouncy chair, watching all the action.  Joshua helped her open her presents, and she was content just being in the middle of it all.

We were hosting my brother’s family for brunch.  I had a sausage and asparagus strata and a blueberry baked French toast in the fridge I made the night before, ready to go in the oven.  Out of all the days of the year, our oven chose to break that morning.  Luckily our neighbors were home, and they kindly let us use their oven to make the food to feed my brother’s family.

The boys played for hours together and watched a movie.  By the time they left, Joshua was completely exhausted and fell asleep in record time.

We went to my mother-in-law’s house for dinner.  She has a huge house in East Vancouver with a ton of room for Joshua to run.  Sam adores my mother-in-law because she always prepares a piece of chicken breast for him to eat every time he is there.  My mother-in-law held Savanna so we can all sit down and enjoy a dinner with my brother-in-law’s family.  That was a treat.  After dinner, Joshua and his cousin watched some Dora, got into a little fight, but ended the night peacefully playing toys together.

The best part of Christmas is being with family.  The best present I received this year is healthy baby girl in my arms.  There’s nothing else I could have asked for to make me any happier.

Christmas-3304 Christmas-3311 Christmas-3313 Christmas-3315 Christmas-3337 Christmas-3380 Christmas-3403


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