Christmas traditions

I’ve been looking forward to Christmas since August.  August!  Seriously.  Work has been so stressful this past year, so I just mentally find things I can look forward to outside of work.  Other than Savanna’s arrival, I mostly looked forward to Christmas.

I didn’t grow up with a ton of Christmas traditions, because it wasn’t a celebrated holiday in Taiwan.  Although I’ve always loved the Christmas congee on Christmas eve.  Some years my mom would put up a tree, but for some reason it wasn’t very exciting for me to decorate a tree.  I think mainly my laziness overshadowed the fun.  I mean, really, you pull out a gazillion pieces of ornaments, put them on a tree, and a couple of weeks later you put them back in the box.  That sounds a lot like doing laundry.

When it was just Cliff and I, we didn’t bother much with trees or decorations or presents either.  But somehow having kids changed my perspective.  We go through the trouble of getting a tree, decorating it, and putting presents under the tree.  Just seeing how excited Joshua got with the Christmas lights makes all the trouble worth it.  Every morning he demands for the lights to be turned on, and he’ll literally stand there enjoing it for a few moments before he attacks his toys.

Joshua is now old enough to also understand the idea of presents.  He knows that if he rips the wrapping paper off a box, there’s something new and exciting waiting for him inside.  He knows that he’s going to be eating some of those chocolate chip cookies we’re making for Santa.  He also knows that his cousins are coming over for brunch on Christmas day, and that just means crazy fun for him.

I am excited about creating Christmas traditions of our own for our kids.  Tonight Joshua and I made chocolate chip cookies for Santa.  Of course he got to lick the dough and eat one cookie (and I helped him eat the rest of the 3 dozen we made).  I hope to continue this tradition in the future, and look forward to having Savanna join in the fun when she is old enough.

I think Joshua and I both look forward to the dough more than the cookies.

I think Joshua and I both look forward to the dough more than the cookies.

Mmm, cookie.

Mmm, cookie.

What?  Santa gets THREE?

What? Santa gets THREE?

I have been taking pictures of Joshua and I reflected in a tree ornament.  I was scratching my head about what to do with Savanna at this young age, and finally decided that we’ll play a “where is Waldo type of game” with her in a picture.  She was totally a great sport about it too!

Where is Savanna?

Where is Savanna?

I’m excited about tomorrow, seeing Joshua’s reaction to all the presents he’s getting.  I’m excited about having brunch with my brother’s family, and having dinner with Cliff’s family. In the back of my mind, though, I kind of wish I belonged to a church family too.  It feels a bit lonely without a church family to talk to about the most important part of Christmas–Jesus–the whole reason for the celebration.  Anyway, it’s late and I’m wiped, so I’m not getting into a big long post about that tonight.

Merry Christmas, everyone!  Hope you all enjoy time with your family and friends.


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