Why do babies have to grow?

I remember not getting very much sleep when Joshua was born, partly because I just don’t want to put him down even if he has fallen asleep in my arms.  I spend a lot of hours just staring at his face.  I was so afraid that in the blink of an eye he’ll be off to college.

Now, I have the same problem with Savanna.  Especially after Joshua goes to sleep, that’s when I feel like I finally have time to take her all in without interruptions and demands.  I can’t get enough of looking at my little girl, and at the same time hate the thought that one day soon enough she’ll be all grown up.


The point is, these little beings grow so damn fast.  I remember getting so excited when Joshua showed an interest in books.  Now he not only bring books to us to request reading time, he quickly memorizes parts of books or rhymes.  I love reading to him, or watching him absorb what is being read to him.


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