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Savanna is now over a month old, which also means my Chinese postpartum care period is over.  During the past month, I’ve consumed over 80 litres of Chinese rice wine, and countless cups of herbal medicine, and 30 straight days of fermented rice breakfast.  Boy, am I glad it’s over!

However, the end of the postpartum care also means my mom is going back to Taiwan.  In fact, she’s leaving on her flight in a few hours.  That part really sucks for me.  It’s weird how I’m already 36, and yet whenever my mom leaves town, I feel like I’m 5 again crying my eyes out because mommy is leaving.  Nobody else in the world puts up with me like my mom does (ok, maybe Cliff does).

My mom has cooked almost all of our meals in the last month, so that I can focus on taking care of Savanna.  She also spent countless hours holding Savanna so that I can go take a shower, or go to the bathroom, or take a nap, or spend time with Joshua, etc.  Joshua totally adores my mom, and would spend hours playing with her or goofing around with her.  I have no idea how I would have survived the last month without her.  My grandma recently broke her hip, so my mom has to go back and help take care of my grandma.  That means we have no idea when we’ll see my mom again.

Thank you for everything, Mom.

Grandma with the two kiddos.

Grandma with the two kiddos.

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