Does domperidone make a difference?

A few weeks ago at the Vancouver Breastfeeding Clinic, Dr. Livingstone advised me to cut my domperidone dosage in half (from 80 mg to 40 mg a day) because she doesn’t believe the lack of prolactin is my problem for the lack of milk supply.  I did take her advice, and then 3 days later I believe that my milk supply dropped because I was pumping out less than what I normally would.  I had put myself back on 80 mg a day, and cursed Dr. Livingstone under my breath. 

The interesting thing is, when I went back for the follow-up appointment, I was ready to tell her she was wrong to give me that advice.  When I told her that dropping the domperidone dosage also dropped my milk supply, she was pretty quick to tell me that my method of measurement is not accurate.  She said just because I pumped less it doesn’t mean my supply dropped.  And just when I was about to argue with her, she gave me a chart to use for a month.  This chart basically tracks my domperidone dosage and the amount of formula Savanna takes in over a month’s time.  If dropping the domperidone dosage has no impact on the amount of formula she takes, then it means the drug has no effect on me and I should stop taking it.  She went on and on about the scary things domperidone can do to me and baby, and strongly encouraged me to get rid of it if I can.  So now I’m supposed to slowly cut my domperidone dosage and keep track of Savanna’s formula intake for the next month.

Even though I went in to the appointment ready to tell her she was very wrong, I came out thinking maybe I should try this tracking chart, slowly drop my dosage, and just see what happens.  If I don’t have to be on medication, I’m all for that, as long as I can still breastfeed Savanna the same way.  I already use an iPhone app to keep track of Savanna’s feeds anyway, so it really isn’t any more work than I usually have to do to complete this chart.  And if Savanna really takes more formula because my milk supply dropped due to the dropped domperidone dosage, I’ll just get back on the high dosage without being any worse off.  It’ll be a bit of an experiment, but I don’t see the harm in it.

I am feeling a lot more at peace with the breastfeeding issues now.  It makes my life so much easier when I just accept my limitations and move on.  I find that it gives me more energy and freedom to enjoy my very precious time with Savanna and Joshua.  I am still doing the best I can to breastfeed and give Savanna the best possible start in life.  Whatever the outcome is with this experiment, I have decided that not to waste anymore time fretting over everything.


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