Savanna 滿月

Savanna is 30 days old today.  It amazes me how fast time flies.  It felt like just yesterday I saw her for the first time, being lifted up above the blue curtain on the operating table.

In the Chinese culture, making it to 30 days is a big deal.  We’re supposed to have a big celebration with tables full of food, wine, and give out hard boiled eggs dyed with red food coloring.  But instead of having a big party, we scaled it down to just immediate family tonight, and got take-out food.  I don’t know how any new mom with a 30-day old baby has the energy to plan a big party.  Kudos to you if you do.  Man, I am dying to get some sleep!

I have to admit, it is harder to find the time to enjoy Savanna.  When I had Joshua, he had all of my attention.  Savanna has a lot of my attention, but not all of it.  I do have to spend time with Joshua to attend to his needs and play with him.  So after he goes to bed, I feel like I don’t want to put Savanna down because I just want to hold her and stare at her little face. 

When I look at her, I am amazed and in awe.  I don’t care if she’s covered in baby acne and flaky dry skin; she’s perfect in my eyes.  I love it when she’s all curled up against me, or when she tries to follow my movements with her eyes, or when she wraps her little hand around my fingers.  She doesn’t really smile yet, but when she does smile in her sleep, it’s the brightest and the most heart warming smile I’ve ever seen with my eyes.

Savanna-2931 Savanna-2936


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