Thank you, Sam.

Sam is now 11 1/2 years old.  He is definitely slowing down.  I can tell when he gets up from the floor, it takes a bit more effort and takes a little longer.  It pains me to see he stands up so many times a day.  He likes to follow us around the house, and he refuse to sit tight in one spot waiting for us to come back.

With Joshua and Savanna keeping our hands full, the amount of attention going to Sam is definitely less than what it used to be.  And yes, I feel VERY guilty.  Before the kids came, I used to take Sam for long walks, and gave him a lot more attention.  He was the king of the house, and we took him everywhere we went.  But Sam never complained about Joshua and Savanna.  He curls up at my feet whenever I’m nursing Savanna.  He still does his goofy lab smile coming home from a walk with Cliff.  And when I do give him attention or a belly rub, he doesn’t give me the “it’s about time” look, but rather the “oh, I never get tire of this” look.  He never held a grudge for the diminishing amount of attention given to him.

Sometimes things get chaotic at home with two kids (OMG does it ever).  I am just grateful that Sam is one quiet constant in my life.  He has a calming effect on me, because he is so mellow and laid back.  Sometimes just looking at him makes me feel calmer in the middle of crying babies and demands of life.  Thank you, Sam!



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