Homemade mozzarella cheese

I’ve been wanting to make this homemade mozzarella cheese recipe for a few weeks, but just never got around to getting the ingredients for it.  I first saw the recipe posted on Apartment Therapy, and have been secreting drooling over it.  Cliff was out running an errand the other day in the area of Gourmet Warehouse on Hastings, and I asked him to stop by to get some rennet for me to make the cheese.

Last night between Savanna’s frequent feedings, I made the mozzarella cheese for the first time.  I have to say it was quite easy, and the result was quite successful for something so simple.

You can click on the link above to the original recipe.  I’m not going to re-post it here because I think it is important to read through all the info on the original recipe.  I bought the rennet from Gourmet Warehouse.  I got the citric acid on-line from Amazon.com, but I think you can also get that at Gourmet Warehouse.  I used 2% Dairyworld milk and it worked well.

This is something easy enough to do that you can involve your kids in helping out.  It’s quite satisfying to produce your own mozzarella cheese from a few simple ingredients.  And the cheese beats anything you can buy in a package at the supermarket.


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