Home with Savanna

Rather than my usual long winded posts, I’m going to have to keep this one short so I can steal some sleep in between feedings.

Savanna was born 3 days ago.  Being parents for the second time around makes it easier in some respects.  Like I have the newborn hotline number memorized, Cliff knew how to strap the baby in the car seat properly, and we had pretty much everything set up at home before she was born.  But in other ways, it’s also a little tougher.  Last time we had all of our attention focused on Joshua and nothing else really mattered.  This time, however, we still need to make sure Joshua’s needs are met and that he is an integral part of bringing Savanna home.  Our attention is definitely split, and that’s not the easiest task.  I’ll post more about this later.

We came home yesterday after my staples were removed.  I couldn’t believe how gorgeous of a day it was when we drove home.  And the “high” from having a baby made all the leaves look extra saturated with colors to my eyes.  I sat in the backseat next to Savanna as Cliff drove, and my heart was so full.  It’s almost too good to be true that someone like me is granted the responsibility to have two little beings in my care.

Not everything is all rosy so far.  I’m having the same problem with milk production as last time.  I’ve also been super duper hormonal, much more so than last time that it scares me a little.  I text’d a friend this morning asking her if I was just going nuts.  I’ll share more on that later as well.

As promised, here are some pictures to share until I have some time to post more stories from the past few days.  Thank you for all the messages and e-mails.  Please forgive us for not responding to everything timely right now.  Eventually we’ll get there. 


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