Life is about to change, again

When Joshua arrived two years ago, it was a big change for Cliff and I.  Life wasn’t as simple as pleasing ourselves or about the next travel destination anymore.  Days and nights blurred together with the lack of sleep.  I couldn’t keep my shirts free from spit-up for more than half an hour, and I went out in wet jeans after Joshua peed on them because I had nothing else clean to wear.  There were days I forgot to shower, or brush my teeth.  We stopped having parties at our place, and somehow time (and sleep) became so scarce and precious.

Over time, we figured out that we can still spend time with our friends if we took turns going out.  One of us would stay home with Joshua while the other went out after Joshua goes to sleep.  We can still entertain small groups of friends if one of us cleaned up while the other gave Joshua his bath.  And if I really hit the wall with the lack of sleep, I could ask Cliff to do the feeding one night to give me some uninterrupted sleep.  One of us would play with Joshua while the other cooked dinner or did dishes.  One of us could run out and get groceries while the other stayed home with Joshua.  There was a lot of tag-teaming.

But now we’re going to have two kids!  Just the thought of that scares me a little.  Yes, yes, I’ve considered that before we decided to have another.  But honestly, now we’re going to have our hands full.  We don’t have an extra body to tag-team with.  It’ll be the two of us adults and two of ’em kids.  Will I still have any friends left if I never have time to take a shower or brush my teeth anymore?  Will I be wearing dirty clothes for weeks before I get around to do my laundry?

Am I just totally going mental, or has anyone else ever considered that having a second baby is the craziest idea in the world?


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