3-day potty training

When friends asked what we were doing for Thanksgiving, I was a little evasive with my answer.  The truth is, we blocked off that 3-day weekend to be home, and devoted it to potty training.  We blocked off that weekend more than a month ago, with the thinking that we’re going to give the “3-day potty training” a shot and see how it goes.  But like I said in my last post, I was afraid of criticism from other parents, hence the vagueness with what we were actually doing for the long weekend.

I read a couple of “books” on the 3-day potty training method.  I say “books” in quotes because they were really only about 30 or 40 pages.  They were more like a “guide” than a “book”.  The two I read are about the same in terms of the main points:

1. You devote 3 days of full time attention to potty training.

2. You throw away all your diapers, pull ups, training pants.  From here on, it’s underwear and underwear only, including night time.

3. You do not get emotional over the training.  It’s a matter-of-fact teaching to your child that keeping the underwear dry and clean is important.

4. You offer positive reinforcement (praises and rewards) to your child for using the potty.  We included a call to Grandma in Taiwan to make a big positive deal out of the first time Joshua peed in the potty.

There are some slight variations between the two books, but nothing major.  Of course, I Googled comments on both books, and they were mostly positive in terms of the theory.  There are some criticisms against both, but that’s something you’ll have to read through and decide for yourself if the 3-day method would work.

Now it’s been a week after we’ve started this potty training journey.  I’m happy to say that Joshua is about 95% potty trained.  He had an accident first thing in the morning 2 days ago, and another one today when he was crying and throwing up.  Other than that, he tells us when he needs to use the potty, even when we’re visiting at friends’ houses or driving in the car.  It took us more than 3 days to get to this point, but we also had to work through Joshua having a bad case of the runs for a few days in the middle of it all.  All things considered, I think he did really well, and I am so proud of him.


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