Belly size dictates the boating season


Today is our last day of the boating season.  We have a lot planned for weekends in October, so we figured it’s time to put away the toy.

As I put on my life jacket today, I could barely buckle up the jacket around my belly.  I had the straps loosened up as much as possible, but still had to take a deep breath before I can do up the buckle.  I guess, in a way, it’s a good thing we’re putting the boat away.

The weather turned out to be quite mild today, and we even had some sunshine up in Indian Arm.  There was barely anyone out on the water today.

We cruised up to the top of the arm, and had a little picnic lunch in the sun.  The water was very calm.

On the way back, both of the boys on the boat fell asleep in mommy’s arms.




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