The most patient dog

Sam spends a lot of his time waiting.  He waits for us to get our act together in the mornings, feed Joshua, get dressed, feed ourselves, make our coffee, and then make his breakfast.  Then he waits for us to take him out for a walk.  Then he waits for us to come home from outings and take him out for another walk.  He waits for us to feed ourselves, feed Joshua, and then feed him dinner.  He waits for us to clean up after dinner so we can all go for a walk.  At the playground, he waits for Joshua to get his fill of playing before we can all go home.  Then he waits for us to bathe Joshua, read him bedtime stories, put him down to sleep, get some work done, and then take him out for his last walk of the evening.

In this picture, we were at the playground with Joshua, and Sam just patiently waited for Joshua to be done with the sand pit.  I like how one piece of his grey hair is sticking out from his eyebrow.  He looks so serious and comical at the same time.






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