Out on the water

When we bought our boat last winter, we had no idea about how to even turn the thing on, let alone trailering and launching. One of my biggest concern is if Joshua would enjoy being on the boat.  If he hated it, we may have no choice but to sell it.

Eventually we learned to trailer and launch and load the boat (thanks to YouTube tutorials!).  And my worry of how Joshua would do was completely unnecessary.  From the first time he got on the boat this summer, he was hooked.  He would kneel on the bow seat, bounce up and down when the boat hits waves, and laugh and giggle.

The other thing we learned to do, is crabbing.  It’s probably the one form of fishing that requires the least amount of knowledge and skills.  We’ve had a number of incredible meals this summer feasting on fresh crab.

There are a few things I really loved about boating this summer.  I loved having our family and friends join us on the boat, enjoying a cruise of wherever we were going.  It’s something a little different to do than, say, going to a park.  We also usually somehow incorporate a little picnic on the boat or a feast of crabs afterwards.  I also loved seeing our land from a different perspective.  I’ve been to Deep Cove a hundred times, but have never seen it from the inlet.  I also love just sitting back and enjoying the cruise when Cliff is driving.  The sound of the wind and the boat motor drowns all the noise in my head, and it’s quite relaxing.

The biggest enjoyment for me is actually seeing how Joshua loves being on the boat.  Today he sat on the bow seat, looking back at me while I was driving, and he had the biggest grin on his face.  I couldn’t help but break into a big grin too, because he has just melted my heart.

The weather is starting to cool off a little as summer comes to an end.  When we went out on the water today, there was barely anyone out there.  We’re planning to put the boat back into storage at the end of the month.  If the weather is decent, we might go out a couple more times in September.  It’s been a great summer having this little boat!


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