Finally got my limb back

My computer has been in the shop for 3 weeks, getting a vital organ transplant.  The organ, aka the logic board, had to be shipped from the other side of the globe.  Various delays caused the 5 days job to take 3 weeks.  But yesterday, finally, the shop called with the news that the computer is ready for me to pick up.

Yes, I finally have my computer back, and now I will finally stop whining to ya’ll.

The first thing I did when I got home, was to download all the pictures onto my computer from the last 3 weeks.  Now I can finally post pictures again.  That makes me very happy…so happy that I feel like eating an entire large size meat lovers pizza.

Ok, maybe I’m just craving pizza.

Out of all the pictures I had from the last 3 weeks, this below is one of my favorites.  We were at a nearby park, and Joshua complained about “dirty” in his shoes.  That usually means there’s sand or small pebbles in his shoes.  Here Cliff was taking off his shoes to dump out the sand, and make sure no residual sand was stuck between his toes.


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