Why my kid won’t eat a mini doughnut

We went to the Saturday Market on Salt Spring Island on the weekend.  We’re quite used to the size of the Kitsilano Farmers Market, and this SSI Saturday Market was at least 3 times bigger and busier.  It seems like everyone on the island was there.

We bought a few baked goodies to sample, and tried a coconut cream popsicle.  On our way back to the car, we walked by a little road side stand selling mini doughnuts.  Joshua enthusiastically pointed to the stand and said “Doughnuts”!  We decided to buy a small bag of it for him.

These mini doughnuts were freshly fried.  The vendor put a few of them in a paper bag, sprinkled them with cinnamon sugar, shook the bag around a bit to evenly coat the doughnuts, and handed the bag to us.  Freshly fried doughnuts smell delicious.

We get into the car, strap Joshua into his car seat, and I handed him a mini doughnut.  He took it with his left hand, frowned a little, passed it to his right hand, and then held out his left hand to me and said, “Dirty”.  His left hand had some of the cinnamon sugar granular on it.  I dusted away the sugar.  Then he passed the doughnut from his right hand back to his left hand, and gave me his right hand and said, “Dirty”.  I dusted his right hand.

He looked at the doughnut in his left hand, feeling the texture of the sugar, and handed the doughnut back to me.  He then rubbed his two hands together, while frowning, and kept saying, “Dirty” until his hands were free from the evil grip of cinnamon sugar.

I tried holding the doughnut for him to take a bite, but he looked at me like I was trying to feed him dirt.  He shook his head, and said “Dirty”.

So my kid won’t eat a mini doughnut covered in cinnamon sugar, because he thinks they are dirty.

If he ever brings home a girl I do not approve, I think I’ll just sprinkle her with cinnamon sugar.


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