Grandma’s revenge

I wasn’t quite 2 years old yet (roughly Joshua’s age), when my mom and dad took me to the fareground and let me ride on the carousel.  I loved riding on the horses so much that I didn’t want to leave.  But when the music stopped, all the patrons had to vacate the carousel and let the next batch of customers get on.  My mom picked me up from the horse I was sitting on, and took me off the carousel.  I wasn’t quite speaking yet, but she knew I was really upset when I bit her on the shoulder, giving her a big bruise that lasted for weeks.

Fast forward 34 years later.  I took Joshua to Oakridge Mall today for my monthly appointment with my doctor.  After the appointment, I took Joshua to the playground and let him sit on the various cars and boats and trains with flashing lights and music.  After about half an hour, I was getting quite bored, so I gave him the 3 minute warning, the 2 minute warning, the 1 minute warning, then took him off the train structure he was sitting on.

Joshua is much clearer in speech then I was at the same age.  He protested loudly, “No go, no go, no go”.  I tried to tell him that it was time to put on his shoes and go home.  He kicked at my attempts of putting his shoes on, wiggled in my arms trying to get free, and let big drops of tears roll down his cheeks to show how this is upsetting him.  “No shoes!  No go!  Joshua want train!” he cried.  When I finally got his shoes on, he saw that the end of his fight was approaching.  He leaned towards my bare forearm, and CHOMP!  He bit me, leaving very clear teeth marks on my forearm.

The little bugger gave me a bruise on my forearm.  All I did was try very hard to stifle my laugh.  I had no idea biting is genetic, and he obviously got it from me!

I called my mom and reported that her grandson has just given her the revenge she has been waiting for for 34 years.


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