Missing a limb

A few weeks ago, strange horizontal lines started appearing on the screen of my iMac.  They went away after a few hours, then came back after a few days.  Then every night since then, as I turn on my computer, there would be more lines.  Over the course of a week, there were so many lines that I can barely see what’s on my screen anymore.

It turns out that the video card is crapping out.  I thought I could change the card itself, but nooooo, you must change the entire logic board.  Thanks, Steve Jobs!  That’s a $900 fix for a 2-year-old computer.  So I phoned around, and a small shop in town said they can use 3rd party parts and do it for $500.  We’ve already had over $1,000 of unexpected expenses for the last couple of months.  The control freak in me is just having a really hard time with that.  After swearing at Steve Jobs for a few moments, I asked Cliff to drop off my computer at the shop and see if they can revive it.

So it’s been exactly 7 days since Cliff took my computer to the shop, and it’ll be another week before it’ll be ready.  I couldn’t get the photos off my camera without that computer because I shoot in RAW and I need a certain software to work with the RAW files.  I couldn’t put pictures up on my blog or Facebook because all my photos are still on the camera’s memory card.  I couldn’t print some photos for a friend because they’re all on the hard drive.  I couldn’t watch the episodes of Law and Order that Cliff downloaded for me.  I feel completely out of sorts, like I’m missing a limb. 

Yes, I have just spent two paragraphs whining about my first world problems.  While I’m at it, you should probably know that the back of my legs are sweating too much because I’m sitting on a new leather chair in the middle of summer, my belly is getting so big that I have a hard time clipping my toe nails, and some days I just want to shoot somebody at work because this damn job comes with lots of pressure.  Wah wah wah!

Deep breath, Angela, deep breath.

So anyway, I blame everything on the hormones.  I have a bad day, hormones.  I feel fat, hormones.  Feeling like the world is against me, hormones.  Nails in the tires, hormones.  Crapped out computer video card, hormones. 

No, my life is not falling apart.  I know that.  I’m just having a rough day.  And I want my damn computer back!


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