Life is not fair

On a regular basis, I think about my family, my career, where I live, what we do for fun, what this upcoming weekend weather is, and what we’ll eat for dinner.  Of course some days I don’t feel this way, but really, I am at my prime, and life is very exciting at this phase.  Death is not something I think about everyday because there is no reason to.

But life events can’t always be explained with logic and reason. Today I attended the memorial service of a friend and colleague who is only 32 years old.  She fought a 4-year long battle with cancer and passed away last week.  She leaves behind her husband, and her 15-month-old son.  She was one of those people who was always cheerful, always looked at the bright side, and was always grateful for the grace she has received in her life.  We talked at length about cooking, and about our pregnancies when we over-lapped in our first pregnancy.

Life is not fair.

When I saw her super adorable son at the memorial service today, my heart just broke into a million pieces.  He is too young to know what is really going on, so he was just all smiles and being super cute.

All I could think of is life is not fair, and this f*@*% sucks.


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