Catching dinner

So far this summer, we’ve set the crab trap twice and haven’t caught anything.  The first time I think we were somewhere a little too deep in Indian Arm and the trap likely didn’t reach the bottom.  The second time was the same thing at a different location.

Today we went boating with some friends up Indian Arm, and thought we’d give it another try with the crab trap.  We baited the cage with chicken and sardines, set the trap, and hoped for the best.  We went on our way up to the tip of Indian Arm, enjoyed a lunch spread prepared by our friends, and came back to pick up the trap 1 1/2 hour later.

As Cliff was pulling up the trap, I can see he was actually using some effort to pull.  An empty trap would have come up easily without much effort.  This has to be good.  There has to be something in the trap!  I crossed my fingers as he pulled, thinking in the back of my mind that hopefully we have something for dinner. 100 ft of rope later, he pulled out the trap with 12 crabs in it.  I think I giggled like a kid with excitement.

We checked the size and gender of the crabs, and threw back the ones we couldn’t keep.  We were also limited to only keeping 4 of the crabs because we only had one tidal fishing licence.  We ended up with 3 dungeness and 1 red rock, all of very decent size.

On the way home, I sent a text message to our foodie friends soliciting for a dinner invitation, and received a positive reply.  So we went over to their place, they steamed up the crabs, and make a butter/lemon/white truffle oil dipping sauce to go with the crab.  I think all my taste buds had died and gone to heaven!  The crabs were sweet and juicy, and the sauce just about put me over the edge.

It was so exciting for me to catch our dinner!


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