A serious dilemma involving toilet paper

Two nights ago, Cliff was putting Joshua down to sleep at night.  I was on the toilet.

Yes, this post involves the bathroom.  Don’t worry, it’s not that gross.  But turn away now if you wish.

I was on the toilet.  When I was done, I reached for the toilet paper, only to see that there’s nothing left on the roll hanging.  The sad and empty cardboard tube just stared back and laughed at me.  I reached into our cabinet where extra rolls are normally stored, only to find out that there was none in the cabinet!

Now, I didn’t want to yell for Cliff to get me some toilet paper because I might wake up Joshua.  I tried asking Sam (our dog) to go fetch me some, he just stared up at me and sighed and sat down.  I looked around the bathroom for an alternative.  I mean, people in ancient times used leaves, right?  Yes, leaves!  That would do it!  But unfortunately I didn’t have a plant in our bathroom.

I sat for a few minutes, hoping Cliff would be done with putting Joshua down, and come back to our bedroom so I can ask him for help.  But after 5 minutes, I was starting to get a little impatient.  I looked on the vanity counter, ha! I had my Blackberry with me!  So I texted Cliff:

Babe, I’m stuck in the bathroom without any toilet paper.  SOS!

It felt like I was aging by the minute and eternity went by.  This was when I thought, I wonder what other people do in this situation?  I’m going to turn this into a blog post and see if I can get some good ideas for next time!  So, please, share your wisdom with me.  What would you do if you were stuck without toilet paper, but you can’t yell out loud for your husband/wife/roommate to rescue you?

In case you are wondering, eventually Cliff showed up with a big stash of toilet paper, and rescued his pregnant wife from the bathroom.

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