Westcoast Papa debut!

To be upfront to all readers, I am a noob at “blogging”.  I’ve tried to do it through work but ended up giving up.  Writing is not my forte and neither is reading (my wife can testify to that), but I decided to give it a go since I am in a privileged situation with my son.

Time to whip out the umbrella, unexpected rainfall during our walk!

These days, I am known as the stay-at-home dad of Arbutus walk.  Local businesses and neighbours often see me carrying Joshua in a backpack while desperately trying to get our black lab (Sam) to do his morning duties in the grass.  I am fully equipped with snacks, water, diapers, wipes, and an umbrella at all times.  Look for me in the park throughout the day, Mondays through Thursdays…  I can help if you require supplies, especially doggie poop bags.  Our dog leaves quite a mess if he eats something unwarranted off the floor that dropped from Joshua’s high chair.

Ok Sam, need you to poop now!

When Joshua wakes up, my day starts.  Often he wakes me up by kicking the wall or yelling “Daddy daddy daddy”.  I usually get to bed around 2-3am because I work in the evenings when Joshua goes to bed… so I especially enjoy the days when Joshua sleeps in!

Whoa, this extra sleep is awesome! Daddy seems less grumpy too!

Before I got married to Angela (aka Westcoast Mama), I worked my days as a head sushi chef.  I learned how to cook and to enjoy good food.  I do find that cooking is a prerequisite to becoming a stay-at-home dad.  One needs to be skilled enough to be able to cook up some scrambled eggs and be able to boil pasta… or be readily able to cook anything that Joshua will eat!  Luckily, we have a son who eats a lot and anything (with the exception of most veggies) but in the early months, it was a struggle.  Plus knowing how to cook will help Angela when she gets home from work, tired and hungry.

Daddy, why did you mix egg and milk into the toast and sprinkle cinnamon on it? I wanted the eggs and milk separate!!!

Whenever I bump into another stay-at-home dad, I always want to hear their story.  What made them give up a full-time job to be home with their kid(s)?  How hard is it financially?  Are they worried about resuming their careers when the kid(s) start going to school full-time?  Do they enjoy it?  To be honest, I do miss the social aspect of full-time work and the adrenaline rush of trying to get a deadline finished.  Now, it’s replaced with a rewarding one-on-one interaction with Joshua and the adrenaline rush of trying to get out the door in time for children’s music class!

I do struggle each day wondering if I made the right decision to be at home with my son, but seeing Joshua quickly grow up and learn from me wipes away any doubts.

If daddy can do it, I can do it too!


1 thought on “Westcoast Papa debut!

  1. 28 years ago my husband stayed home with our 1 year old son until he was 2. It shocked all the men in our small town & made him a hero to all the women. That time together completely changed how he related to our children – it was, I think, the best decision we ever made in the care of our children. Enjoy your time and know that you are giving your child something that is priceless – you and your wife are giving him an incredible gift.

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