Naked girls

I thought I had a little boy a year and a half ago, but it turns out I gave birth to a little tape recorder.

Last week on my day off, Joshua handed me my Blackberry and asked to see pictures (which also means video clips in his vocabulary).  Most of our video clips are on the iPod, and I have next to nothing on the Blackberry.  I said to him there’s not much I can show him on the Blackberry.  He was starting to get upset, so I scrolled through the “media” folder to see what I have.  It turns out that I have 2 clips.  One is a clip of him on a park swing a year ago.  He watched that a few times and enjoyed it.  The other clip is the Dyson vacuum commercial.  I showed that to him, and he wanted to see it again.  I said to him, “You know what, I’m not so sure if want you watching videos of naked girls at this age.”

The girl in the video is not naked.  I just kind of said that under my breath as I was thinking to myself if I really want my 18-month-old to be getting the idea that skinny girls in bikinis are more desirable.

But it was too late.  I used the words “naked girls”.  I should have known better.

For the rest of the morning, he kept saying “naked girls?”  When we went out to get groceries, and in the store he kept chanting “naked girls?  naked girls?”  I begged him quietly to stop saying that and he thought it was funny, so he started chanting a little louder, “naked girls? naked girls?”

Now every time he sees my Blackberry, he points to it and says, “Naked girls?”

I think I’m going to throw the Blackberry away.



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