Things to do with a toddler

Before Joshua joined the dragon’s den, Cliff and I tend to either work on weekends, or engage in our own activities.  We would see our friends, go for weekend trips a few times a year, I would snowboard or ride my motorcycle, etc.  But since Joshua’s arrival, we’ve been trying to do things on weekends with Joshua that he might enjoy.  I have this fear of Joshua growing up thinking that he has boring parents, so we do try to make things interesting.

I find that the Tourism Vancouver Facebook page is quite good at putting on notices of events, and so is the Tourism Richmond Facebook page.  So I follow those pages to get ideas.  Talking to other parents with kids the same age is another great source of information.

Here is a list of things we’ve done with Joshua in the last year:

1. Visit the Vancouver aquarium (we liked it so much that we bought a membership)

2. Visit the farmers market (winter at Nat Bailey and summer in Kitsilano)

3. Swimming (Hillcrest is our favorite pool)

4. Snowshoeing (we like Cypress)

5. Visit the Vancouver Baker’s Market (I think this is seasonal, in the fall)

6. Visit the German Christmas Market 

7. Visit the Maplewood Farm in North Vancouver (Joshua loved watching all the animals)

8. Visit the pumpkin patch in Delta

9. Ride the Stanley Park miniature train

10. See the tall ships come into port at Richmond Gary Point Park

11. Play gym time at Creekside community centre

12. Play time at Westside Family Place

13. Going to Uncle Grant’s house (but this is not open to the public)

I had to add that last one in there because Joshua LOVES going to Uncle Grant’s house.  ALL NEW TOYS!  SPACE TO RUN! WOOHOO!  He never, ever fusses at Uncle Grant’s house.  He loves watching his cousin do things only big kids can do, like holding a cup himself and drinking without spilling, or running around at lightning speed, or speak full sentences, or throw a ball in a straight line.  I can tell Joshua looks at his cousin with great admiration.

I have to say, since having Joshua, I’ve done things I never thought would be interesting, like seeing the tall ships in Richmond.  Yes, it was crowded, and it was a windy and hot day when we went, but it was interesting!  I’ve also never been to a pumpkin patch before, and now I know I actually really enjoy it.  I love walking into the dirt patch and feel my feet sink in a little in the soft soil, and walking all the way to the end of the patch to find the perfect pumpkin.

This summer we’re also going to add boating and camping to the list.  I’m a little unsure about mixing Joshua with those two things.  I guess we’ll find out soon enough!


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