Top of the gross-ness chart

As a mother, there are many things you end up dealing with that are just gross.  Like sucking the snot out of your congested baby, getting poop on your hands when you change a diaper, or cleaning up barf with milk and cheese in it, or almost licking a smear you thought was avocado.  I’ve dealt with all those things and never complained.

Until today.

Today, I’ve experienced something that tops the gross-ness chart!

I was trying to put Joshua down for a nap this afternoon and I ended up falling asleep before him.  I woke up a few minutes later because Joshua had his right index finger in my mouth, poking around and picking at my gum.  I pulled his hand out of my mouth and turned my head away from his evil deeds.  Then I felt something in my mouth, like a small piece of food partical or something.  I thought maybe Joshua had stuck some chewed-on food in my mouth.  That would have been gross, but not THAT bad on the gross-ness scale.

I used my thumb and index finger to fish out the small partical.  When I saw what it was, I almost couldn’t believe my eyes. 

It was a giant piece of snot.

Green snot.

Joshua had picked his nose and stuck his snot in my mouth!

I almost died.


3 thoughts on “Top of the gross-ness chart

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