This post is a mish-mash of recent stories.


Last weekend, we went for a stroll in Kitsilano, and walked by Lens and Shutters.  It’s a gorgeous store full of camera equipment just begging to be caressed and drooled on.  I turned around and said to Cliff, “I want to go roll around naked in that store.”  Cliff gave me this bewildered look and mumbled something I couldn’t hear.  Obviously he didn’t share his wife’s desire to be intimate with some high-end camera equipment.


On Valentines Day, Cliff brought Joshua downtown to meet me for lunch.  We went to Urban Fare, thinking that we can be somewhere more casual and not deal with snobby wait staff.

We sat down with our food at a table, next to a table occupied by a middle-aged man and woman.  I wasn’t aware of the conversation that couple was carrying on, but it was obvious that as soon as we situated ourselves next to them, the man started talking about kids.  He began with the statement that “children do not belong in grocery stores”, and went on about a long story of how kids in grocery stores drive him crazy with their temper tantrums and unruliness.

I wanted to turn around and say something to him.  I didn’t.  I chickened out.


After dinner it’s generally a good time for us to phone my parents in Taiwan, as it would be late morning in Taiwan.  Last week I called my mom a couple of times using Skype, so she can see Joshua.  Each time while the program is dialing, I’ll tell Joshua that we’re 打電話給外婆 (calling grandma).  So now every night after dinner, he brings the iPod to me and demands “打” (call)!  We’ll dial up my mom and Joshua would be so excited to see her face show up on Skype.


One night while I was vacuuming, I sensed something is wrong with our vacuum.  Normally when I start vacuuming, the clear canister soon starts to collect dog hair.  But that night after vacuuming the rug in the living room, there was nothing in the canister.  The vacuum also sounded different than normal.

I cleaned out all the filters, but it still didn’t work.  I started to dismantle the machine to look for the root cause.  After sweating and swearing over the machine for 10 minutes, I found the culprit.  There was a spoon and a pen stuck in the suction tube, clogging up the system.

Maybe letting Joshua play with the vacuum tube is not such a great idea.



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