Weeknights between 5 and 8 pm

On weekdays, my favorite time of the day is between 5 and 8 pm.

I rush to get home for 5 pm everyday, because I can barely wait to see my boys!  I have my 5-8 pm set aside every night when I don’t check e-mails or do any work.  As soon as I open the door to our apartment, I have left the rest of the world behind, and entered my little heaven.  I can generally find Joshua playing with some kitchen utensils, Cliff cooking up something gourmet, and Sam barking with excitement to see me.  A round of kisses for everyone.

We eat dinner together, play, and read.  Joshua loves music, and sometimes we turn on the music after dinner and do silly dances in the living room.  He will bob his head up and down, and just last week started tapping his feet to the beat.  He reaches his arms up at me and demands, “da!”, for “dancing”.  He plays with the giant cardboard car ramp that Cliff built for him.  He hugs Sam and chases Sam off his mat.  He goes to his room and closes the door, and throws all his diapers on the ground.

Then Cliff gives him a bath and massage while I clean, do laundry, and take Sam for a walk.  Then it’s reading time.  Often we end up reading 8 or 9 books because Joshua demands it, and I just gladly comply.  I love seeing his face light up when we read “Hug” and get to the page that Bobo’s mommy shows up.  He always claps when we sing the “Five Little Monkeys”.  Sometimes when Joshua is drinking his bottle, I touch his feet, little toes, knees, little hands, and keep wishing he would stop growing so damn fast.

Sometimes I wish the three hours don’t go by so fast.  It’s such a short time I have everyday to be with my boys.


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