Gruyere and parmesan cheese souffle

I’ve been thinking about attempting a souffle dish for a while.  For no particular reason, I’ve never had souffle before.  The only time I’ve heard of it is when food related TV shows talk about how difficult it is for a souffle to rise properly.

I found a classic souffle dish recipe on Epicurious, and tried it out tonight.  It’s an interesting concept to make a roux first, add egg yolks, add cheese, and fold in whipped egg whites.  It’s almost like making a savoury cake, but without baking powder.  The souffle dish was buttered and coated with parmesen cheese first before the batter is poured in.

The whole time the souffle was baking, I was as nervous as waiting for a first date to show up.  When the time was finally up, I took out the souffle with joy in my heart.  It rose beautifully and browned nicely on top.

We had the souffle, New York steak, and sauteed kale for dinner tonight.  Joshua really liked the souffle and ate quite a bit of it.  It’s a very baby-friendly dish.  It was certainly not complicated, and the prep time was about 15’ish minutes.  So what do I think of the souffle?  Well, I thought it was decent.  It was very light and airy, just about the right amount of seasoning and flavor.  The reason why I didn’t give it a two-thumbs-up is because I find that it lacks interest.  It would have been so much more interesting if there was some chives, or jalapeno, or sundried tomato, or green onion, or bacon, or something.  I think this recipe on its own is a very good base, but you would certainly want to liven it up a bit with something more interesting.




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