Overdue update on that baby of ours

For the past few weeks, I’ve written posts mostly on food.  I think we’re due for a post on that little monkey we sometimes call Joshua.

In the last few weeks, we’ve had a few playdates, went to the Vancouver Aquarium for the first time, gone out for dinner with friends, had friends over for dinner, celebrated Chinese New Year, went snowshoeing, and went to the library for the first time.  Somewhere in between, I have taken hundreds of pictures of Joshua playing, eating, laughing, crying, running around naked, taking a bath, picking his nose, and generally goofing around.  I love downloading the pictures onto my computer at night, and looking through the pictures and savouring all the moments captured.

Joshua started walking back in December, and he gets better at it everyday.  Sometimes when I get home from work, I’m taken aback by how much bigger and taller he looks than yesterday.  He is totally crazy about books.  When I tested it a couple of weeks ago, he sat through 14 books I read to him.  I only stopped because we ran out of books.

In terms of language, we primarily use English with him just because that’s how Cliff and I communicate.  But I do make an effort to teach him small phrases in Mandarin, and use Mandarin whenever I remember to do so.  So there are some things Joshua know in Mandarin.  For example, we teach him “eyes” and “nose” in English, but “ear” (耳朵)and “head” (頭)in Mandarin.  We use “stand up” in English, but “clap hands” (拍拍手)in Mandarin.  I’m sure he is sufficiently confused with me mixing the languages, but I find it quite incredible that he always understands what I’m saying (that doesn’t mean he listens to me).

He says some things very clearly, particularly “mommy” and “uh oh” and “bye”.  Cliff thinks that he also says “what’s that”.  He’ll say the “bu” part of “button”, or the “ba” part of “box”.  I always find it hilarious that he will clearly say the “朵” part of “耳朵”.

He likes taking my Blackberry and putting it up to his ear, and say “hi” or “bye”.  He also constantly changes the language setting to Portuguese!  I’ve now erased all my speed-dial so my friends don’t constantly get phone calls from Joshua.  If you are wondering why I let him play with my Blackberry, well…it’s because it’s easier to let him play with it than dealing with him throwing a fit.

Joshua is a huge fan of breakfast.  I think he gets that from me.  He’ll drink up 200 mL of milk when he first wakes up, then proceed to eat 2 scrambled eggs, some pancakes if we make some, and sausages if we happen to have some.  Within 1 1/2 hr, he’ll eat a big bowl of rice cereal and some Cheerios, and maybe some GoldFish crackers if Cliff sneaks him some when I’m not looking.  He’ll also eat a decent lunch, and an afternoon snack.  He’s generally not interested in dinner.  He’ll take a couple of bites here and there, but mostly feed the food to Sam or throw it on me because I sit right next to him.  But lately he has actually been eating some dinner.  The other night I sauteed some kale, and put a few pieces on his tray for him to play with.  He actually ate some.  I gave him more, and he ate more.  He ended up eating so much kale that night.  I’m not fussed when he doesn’t like something, but it makes me happy when he is willing to try something new.

Cliff says he is enjoying Joshua so much more now that he is walking around and more interactive.  Even though I constantly lament that I miss the little baby stage, I do agree that Joshua is at a very fun age right now.


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