Christmas week

Here’s a quick update on how our week has been.  We had Cliff’s family over for lunch on Christmas day, and my family over for dinner in the same evening.  It was a day full of food and fun with the family.  Having very few family members on the same continent makes me appreciate it more when I see them.  For the rest of the week, we are having a number of get togethers with friends.  It’s a non-stop week-long party!

Cliff bought me a set of Bodum coffee cups I wanted, and I got him an iPad2.  Joshua got the Pewi bike which he really enjoys, and some new books he couldn’t stop flipping through.

Tonight I felt a little sad when we put away the Christmas stockings and ornaments.  I’m sure Joshua is not impressed with us putting away his favorite–the lights.  I explained to him that we’ll bring out those lights again next year, but he held onto the strand of lights for dear life.

In the food pictures below, here are the sources of the recipes:





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