Joy of a day off

The weather has been so crappy all week with rain, hail, and crazy wind.  But today is my day at home with Joshua, and the weather was mercifully sunny!  Woohoo!

In the morning, we hung out at home, got a bit of groceries, and had a quick nap.  Then we headed out downtown to check out the Vancouver Christmas Market.  Apparently this is an annual event featuring a German theme.  All the vendors sell German food or drinks or ornaments or toys.  I put Joshua in the hiking backpack and walked through the little village set up in the plaza of Queen Elizabeth Theatre.  Because of the South Beach diet, I couldn’t eat most of the food or try the mulled wine.  I drool over all the smokies and chocolates.  Joshua had a good look at everything from the backpack.  He enjoyed it when we stood by the stage where three ladies were singing Christmas carols.

On the way back to the car, I noticed a big crowd by the stadium with streets closed off for some sort of event.  A cop told me it was the Grey Cup block party.  So Joshua and I took a detour and went through the party.  There was a concert going on, people throwing footballs around, lots of food stands and trucks, free pancakes, and various sponsors giving away prizes.  I got a pancake for Joshua and he enjoyed it.  I couldn’t have any carbs, so I just salivated while he ate.

We came home, and went for a walk to the farm stand for some fresh vegetables.  We had a nice solid nap, and made turkey patties for dinner.

All in all it was a very good day.  It is the highlight of my week to be home with Joshua and taking him out to do fun things and see new things!


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