A day at home

Today is my day off from work while Cliff goes to work.  So it was just Joshua and I home.  We spent a lot of time playing in the morning, and Joshua was quite happy sitting with me or sitting on my lap for a lot of the time.  He was in quite a good mood all morning.

I took a conference call while Joshua had his nap. It worked out well that the call started right after he stopped crying and fell asleep.  Then we went to Oakridge for lunch with Karen right before Joshua’s 1st year check-up and shots.  He got FOUR shots today!  Poor baby.  He took them like a champ, and didn’t cry very long afterwards.  We had some fun playing at home in the afternoon and taking a nice long nap together before Cliff came home.

When I am at work, I don’t think about how much I hate it.  But this morning while sitting on the couch with Joshua, I realized how much I hate being away from him.  I spent the whole morning telling him how much I love being at home with him, and how much I’ve missed him, then I started crying.  I just hate missing the little silly things he does, or his giggles, or his mischievousness, or even just him playing with his toys.


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