My baby’s 1st birthday bash

After all the planning and sweating over the little details, Joshua’s 1st birthday party was a success.  Even though I totally forgot to get table clothes so everyone ate on bare conference room tables, I think our friends enjoyed themselves and most people liked the photo idea.

Months ago, I contemplated hard whether we should give out goodie bags at Joshua’s party.  To make nice goodie bags, the cost will be quite substantial.  So I decided against it.  I did want people to have something nice to take away and remember the occasion by, but not feel like it’s junk or a burden.  Then I had the idea that I’ll take nice pictures of everyone at the party, so they will have some good quality photos of themselves.  I bought a muslin white backdrop to use as background, and the rest was history.  After I e-mailed everyone their photos, I received some very positive feedback on them.  I think the idea was a good one!

I baked some coconut vanilla cupcakes, and Karen helped me ice them with a white chocolate icing.  I think I ate about 6 of these cupcakes that day.  They were delicious.  Lunch was just the standard fare of Chinese food from Connie’s Cookhouse.  We put out our Keurig machine with a selection of k-cups, some juice and pop, some snacks, some applesauce cups, and that completes the food part of the party.

I don’t think Joshua really knew what was going on.  He had a good nap in the morning before Cliff brought him to the party, so he was in a very good mood.  He did enjoy the Chinese food and seeing everyone.

I am probably the only person feeling sentimental about the party.  It signifies that my baby is a whole year old, a little bigger, a little grown up, and a little less dependent on mommy.  I am so proud of him, so in love with him, and so excited about his future.



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