Addicted to the pumpkin patch

The weather was beautiful today, and Joshua H was here.  So we decided that a second pumpkin patch visit was in order.  Mike and Kath won’t have time to take Joshua to the pumpkin patch, so we’re going to take him.

I’m not all that sure about our Joshua, but Joshua H had lots of fun.  He fell a few times in the patch and got a little dirty, but the soil was soft enough that it didn’t hurt him.  He was quick to get up and keep stumbling in the patch.

Our Joshua spent most of his time in the hiking pack, so he wasn’t as involved in the pumpkin picking activities.  I thought it was hilarious that when we put him on the grass for pictures, he would touch the grass and quickly draw his hands back, like the grass was too dirty for him to touch.  He sat on the grass but demanded to be picked up.  I laughed so hard.

Joshua H picked a little pumpkin from the patch, and we picked another medium size one to bring home to carve.  We also bought a white pumpkin from the retail area.  I’m not sure if we are supposed to carve the white one, but I thought it would be cool to put it on display at home.

The boys play really well together.  For two first-borns, I thought they are quite good at sharing toys and snacks, and compromising without even being able to speak.  I really hope they grow up to be good friends!


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