First pumpkin patch visit

I’ve been so excited about the idea of taking Joshua to the pumpkin patch for the first time, I almost forgot that this is also MY first time going to a pumpkin patch.  I didn’t grow up in North America, and once I moved here just never had a reason to go.

There are a few pumpkin patches in the Vancouver area.  A friend told me about the Westham Island Herb Farm pumpkin patch, so we took Joshua there today.  Let me tell you, this place KICKS ASS!  They put quite a bit of effort into displaying all kinds of pumpkins from their farm!  There’s also a cute little general store, a retail area with organic and local fruits and vegetables, a farm animal area, and of course the pumpkin patch.  I felt like a kid in a candy store, seeing all different colors and shapes of pumpkins and funky gourds.

Oh, and Westham Island Herb Farm doesn’t charge any admission fee!  Yeah, you got that right!  If you pick a pumpkin from the patch, it’s 30 cents a pound.  But otherwise there’s no additional charge.  I know, my jaw almost dropped when the lady told me there was no fee.

We put Joshua in his dragon suit and took some pictures with the display pumpkins.  Then we popped him in the hiking pack and went to the patch.  There are all sorts of pumpkins in the patch; green, orange, red, and white.  It was a week day in the middle of the afternoon, and we were the only ones in the patch.  Cliff picked out an apartment sized pumpkin, and we headed back to the retail area to pick up some pie pumpkin, potatoes, gourds, and honey.

After all that fun, Joshua fell fast asleep on the car ride home.  And I can’t wait to eat the pumpkin pie made from the pie pumpkins!


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