Sick baby with toilet paper



From the picture, you’ll never know that he’s running a fever of over 38 Celcius.  In the middle of the night last night, he was up and fussing because he was so congested.  This morning he started running a fever, and was cranky for most of the day.


Contrary to my usual ways, I put on a DVD for Joshua.  Rather than whining the entire time, he was at least distracted for a few minutes at a time.  He wasn’t interested in toys or food at all.  At one point he did crawl away from the living room, and that’s where I found him unrolling the toilet paper.  I ran to get the camera for this shot.


His fever did subside a bit when some Tylenol.  He napped terribly today, constantly gasping for air through his congested little nose.  The fever returned again before bed, so he got another dose of Tylenol.  I really hope it’ll help him sleep through the night!


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