Baby’s first art work

We wanted to put something on our bare apartment walls, over the dining room area.  I had this idea that we can buy some blank canvas and just paint something ourselves.  So we’ve decided to paint something that has to do with food because the canvas will be hung over the dining room table.  Eating utensils seemed like a good idea.

Cliff set out to paint a fork and a spoon.  We were going to paint a knife on the third canvas.  But then I thought, hey, why not let Joshua get a piece of this action!

So we put the canvas on the floor, handed him the brush, and let him have at it.  Well, he wasn’t too keen on using the brush much.  Instead, he grabbed a handful of paint and just smeared it all over the canvas, then proceeded to crawl over the canvas, dragging paint with his knees and feet.

Here’s the result of the art project from this afternoon.  I quite like Joshua’s first art work (the one in the middle):


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