Planning the first birthday party already

Joshua is going to be 10 months old pretty soon.  I’ve already started to plan his 1st birthday party.  It continues to amaze me how fast time flies!

I’ve booked the birthday package at the Creekside Community Centre.  The package comes with use of the multipurpose room, and the gym set up as a play gym.  Guido and Cindy hosted Kyle’s first birthday party there, and I thought it was just a brilliant set-up.  The location is convenient and beautiful, and the facility is nice and new.  We’ll be able to fit all of our friends in better than hosting the party at our little condo.

We are thinking of going with food from Thai’s restaurant, Bob Likes Thai Food.  I’m going to set up a photo area and take pictures of all the guests.  Then the next big debate is whether we should give out goodie bags.  The last few parties we went to, we received goodie bags from all except one.  Honestly, the cheap plastic toys and made-in-China crap are quite annoying.  The party at which we received no goodie bag, I didn’t feel like we missed anything.  But to put together a really cool goodie bag is going to be quite expensive with the number of kids we have attending.  On top of the facility rental and food, I think we’ll be spending a good $400-500 already.  So I think it’s all or nothing.  Either do a very cool bag, or no bag at all.  I’m leaning towards the no bag side.  I’ll have the next two months to figure that one out.  I’m hoping that getting some really cool pictures of the guests and printing them for everyone will be a nice enough “goodie”.

It’s a very bittersweet time for me.  Joshua is growing up so fast, and I have to go back to work soon.  I constantly wish time would stop so I can slowly savor every moment I have with him.


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