Hating bath time

Since Joshua was born, he has always loved bath time.  If he was crying and we put him in the bath tub, he would stop crying.  If he was cranky and we put him in the bath tub, he will become happy.

But a few days ago, something really odd happened.  Cliff was going through the usual nightly routine of giving Joshua a bath.  As soon as Cliff put him in the bath tub, he started crying.  He wouldn’t stop crying, so Cliff rushed the bath and got him out as quickly as possible.  We chalked it up to an odd night.  Then the next night, same thing happened.  This time I went to sit by the tub, and Joshua was ok.  But as soon as I left, he cried.  This happened again the next night, and then again tonight.

I am completely dumbfounded.  He is not having a diaper rash, he was in a good mood before the bath, he has had good naps during the day, and he is not teething.  So what could be causing the crying in the baths?  This is a complete change in behavior and I am totally at a loss as to what to do next.  If bath time is going to be a bad experience every night, oh man, I don’t know what we would do!

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