Playdate with Bailey the Frenchie


While I was out walking Sam a few weeks ago, we bumped into our neighbour who has a French bulldog.  We got chatting, and I found out that Bailey needs a sitter a few times a week.  I volunteered to watch Bailey, and invited him over for a playdate to test the waters.  M dropped off Bailey this morning at our place, and Mr. Frenchie made himself quite comfortable in our home.

He is such a cutie.  Being only 6 months old, he still acts like a puppy.  Well, he is a puppy.  He chewed on things he shouldn’t, and peed on our rug.  He is easily distracted by noise, and bounced around like a little ball.


Here is a rare shot of him being still for a moment, just long enough for me to get a picture:Sam didn’t particularly care for Bailey.  But again Sam never really cared for any dog who comes to visit.  Bailey didn’t really bother Sam either.  He happily bounced around and chased ball, or chewed on things.  I think they got along well enough that we can have Bailey over more often.




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