My mother will kill me if she read this

Back in the 80’s, when I was 15, I did a lot of stupid things.  I’m not sure what reminded me of this story, but here it goes.

I took the bus to and from school everyday.  Buses in Asia are dreadful back then.  The seats are covered with cheap green vinyl, making the back of your legs sweat.  I was 15, and too cool to ride in the front of the bus with the geeks.  So I always head straight to the last row, where the cool kids hang and interesting things happen.

On this particular bus I was on one day, someone had written his name and phone number with white-out on the cheap vinyl.  Usually someone would do that if he is looking for a “date”.  The next day, I happen to take the same bus and saw the name and phone number again.  I am not sure what was going through my stupid mind, but I thought, hey, let’s call this number.

The next day, I made the phone call from a public phone so my parents won’t hear me have this conversation.  I had no idea what I was expecting.  I dialled the number and asked for the person.  An older man picked up the phone asked me to wait, then a younger man’s voice came on.  He asked me who I was.  I explained that I got his phone number from the back row of a bus, and I asked him why he wrote his name and number on the bus seat.  He said he didn’t do it, but his friends probably did.  It turned out he was a couple of years older than me.  He asked me if I wanted to go to a movie with him, and I said ok.

He had a scooter, which made him very cool.  When you are 17 and has a scooter, girls want to go out with you.  At least back at my time that was the case.  Anyway, we met up a few days later.  He was a teenager with a bad case of acne.  We watched some lame movie, and went for a ride on his scooter.  The best part was, he let me ride the scooter!  We took the scooter up a twisty mountain road.  I was riding in the front while he sat in the back, and his hands were all over me.  The crazy thing is, all I could think of at the time was, “I love this scooter!”

We met up a few more times for lame movies and scooter rides.  Then I think he eventually figured out that I just wanted to ride his scooter.  The relationship obviously was not going to work.

Mom, if you ever read this, nothing ever happened.  But you can blame him for feeding my two-wheel addiction.


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