Shower guard

Sam had always been closer to Cliff because he spends almost 24/7 with Cliff.  But last year when I became pregnant with Joshua, it seemed like something changed in Sam.  He started following me around when we’re at home.

One of the biggest change is that Sam started following me into the bathroom when I go do my business or take a shower.  He would sit there until I’m done, and then follow me out of the bathroom.

I thought he was just being protective of me while I was pregnant.  But this did not change even after Joshua was born late last year.  So now it has become a permanent behavior that Sam follows me into the bathroom every time I go.  I’ve tried to stop him from doing this by closing the bathroom door, but he’ll just knock his nose on the door for the whole duration of my shower.  Eventually I gave in and let him follow me.

He has very specific ways of waiting for me while I shower.  First, he would follow me when I first enter the bathroom.  He will put the first half of his body in the bathroom while leaving the behind half out, preventing me from ever closing the bathroom door.  Then as I strip down and step into the shower, he would come into the bathroom completely, and stand on the floor mat.  As I close the shower curtain, he sits down on the mat and let out a long sigh.  He will remain there for as long as I am in the shower.

So when I finish showering and open the shower curtain, this is the view I am greeted with:


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