Savouring every moment

In another week, Joshua will be 7 months old. Time is going by too fast!

Once Joshua turned 6 months old, it feels like I am counting down the day that I have to go back to work, and I am dreading it. 6 months signifies that half a year is over, and half of the time I get to be with him full time is over. The last few weeks really made me sad that the maternity leave is so short.

Some days I sit and watch him play with his toys, or watch him nurse, or watch him sleep, and I just want the universe to stop and the clock to stop ticking. I want to savour every moment that I have with my sweet little boy. The desire for the world to stop spinning is so strong, that I literally want to yell out my window, STOP! STOP everything! I don’t want to leave my little boy and go back to work! I don’t want to face the world outside of the safety of our home. I don’t want to play political games anymore or sell my soul to the job anymore. I wish I can stay with my son at home.

The cruelty of time is that it treats everyone the same. We all have the same 24 hours a day to spend. I just wish I get to spend all of mine with my little boy for a LONG time.


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