Banana lover

It’s been two frustrating weeks of trying to feed Joshua solid food. He hates everything except rice cereal. Finding something he likes to eat seems impossible.

Tonight while Cliff was out, I was about to eat the last banana in the house. Then I thought, hmm, I wonder if Joshua would like bananas. I peeled the banana half way, and offered it to him. After just one little taste, he started taking very big bites of the banana. He then went for the peel itself. When I tried to pull the banana back, he instantly started crying. Oh man, the little monkey LOVED the banana!

I couldn’t believe that he was taking such big bites of the banana, and instantly cries if I pulled it back. He munched on it and consumed quite a bit of the banana.

Here’s a shortened video of him eating it, and crying when I pulled it away:


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