Almost 6 months old

Six months seems to be a significant turning point in the young life of a baby. It’s the time when the baby can start eating solid food, it’s the time to begin sleep training, it’s the time to get another vaccination, it’s the time to be weaned off breastfeeding for some babies, etc.

Joshua will be six months old in 2 days. All I could think about is that he is growing up so much faster than I would like!

When I look at him now, he is no longer the little baby in my arms being rocked to sleep. He is rolling over, sitting up on his own, eating solid food, sleeping through the night, and one day too soon he will be off to college leaving old mommy behind.

It’s all very emotional for me seeing him grow so fast. It means my maternity leave is half way over, and I feel like my days of being needed are already numbered. Now that we’re in the process of weaning him, I already feel less needed than before. What’s going to happen when he’s completely on formula and solids!

Today is the second day of feeding Joshua solid food. He had some rice cereal and butternut squash. It was only yesterday that he didn’t quite know what to do with the food. But today he ate and swallowed like he’s been doing this for a long time. He is so quick to figure out how things work!

A byproduct of the solid food feeding is the stinky poop that came out today. Oh boy, it was smelly! I can’t wait to smell what it’ll be like when he starts to eat meat in a couple of days!


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