First solid food

In a few days, Joshua will be six months old. We decided that today is a good day to start him on solid food.

In the morning, we made some rice cereal for him. He wasn’t all that excited about the rice cereal. It didn’t seem like he enjoyed it, but he didn’t hate it. Most of it got on his face, hair, hands, and clothes. In the afternoon, I made some pureed organic butternut squash. When he tasted it, he frowned. I’m not sure if that meant he didn’t like it. I made enough to fill two ice cube trays, so I’ll just keep trying to give him that until he decides if he likes it or not.

There are going to be so many “firsts” in his little young life. I am always so excited when he tries something or do something for the first time. It’s so much fun for me to be a part of it.



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