From Maui, we flew to Taipei through Honolulu and Tokyo. This is Joshua’s first time meeting many of his relatives. He charmed everybody, especially his Grandpa. He smiled at his Grandpa right out of the airport, and then some.

Joshua was very popular in Taiwan everywhere he went. Everyone, including store cashiers and strangers, commented on how fat and prosperous he is and how cute he is. Ladies come up to squeeze his thighs and he would giggle with delight.

First picture with Grandpa:

Taking the High Speed Rail to Kaoshung:

Meeting Great Grandma:

Meeting Great Grandpa:

Meeting Great Auntie:

Checking out the market:

Picture with Great Uncle:

Charming Great Grandma:

Grandpa requested another picture with Joshua:

Meeting Great-God-Mom:

Hanging out with Grandpa and God-Cousin:

Hanging out with God-Cousin:

God-mom with all the boys:

Watching mommy and daddy eat shaved ice:

Found his toes:

Hard to tell where the elbow is:

Last picture in Taiwan before flying back to Vancouver:


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