We flew out on April 8th to Maui.  This is Joshua’s first “vacation”.  I’ve been stressing out about the flight since we booked the vacation.  But as it turns out, Joshua did really well on the flight.  On take-off and landing, I nursed him to reduce the ear pressure build-up.  He only cried for a few minutes during the flight, as a part of his normal pre-sleep routine.

We had a great time bathing in the sun and enjoying the beach in Maui.  In terms of new developments, Joshua started sitting, turning over from his back to his belly, and grabbing his toes all on this trip.

Joshua’s first flight; watching TV with daddy:

Hanging out at the beach with mommy:

Hanging out on the lanai with daddy:

Sitting up all on his own:

I love this little shark sun-shirt on him:

Family photo on the beach:

Up at 5 am Maui time:

We are so cool:


Spinner dolphins:

Joshua’s first time on a boat:

I think he loves the beach:

First time dipping his feet in sand:

Hanging out in Lahaina:

Grabbing for daddy’s coffee at the airport:

On the flight out of Maui:

Playing in the bassinet on the plane:


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